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Internal Audit

An efficient internal audit function plays an important role to ensure the leadership role of your company in assessing and managing tighter strategic risks, adding values to the organisation and identifying operational improvement opportunities. This allows senior management of your company to focus on those areas that are most critical to the organisation’s ultimate success.

We can help you by assessing your procedures and controls relating to privacy and confidentiality, system reliability,
information security, performance measurements and outsourced process controls. With our experience in internal audit, we can help you to identify those risks that affect the overall well being of your organisation’s objectives and
strategies with the processes in place to achieve them.

Our comprehensive ranges of internal audit procedures will help with the below:

  • Advising on the establishment of the best internal control system that in-line with your industry best practices
  • Helping your organization to develop and implement risk based internal audit methodologies
  • Helping your firm carry out risk assessment evaluation and testing
  • Liaising with external auditors in relation to their annual statutory audit
  • Providing specialized additional resource to complement in-house internal audit departments